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What to expect when you're expecting (a distance reiki session).

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

So many times when I tell folks I do mostly distance reiki, I get a raised eyebrow at a minimum. People don't understand how it's possible. How can something like reiki be done when client and practitioner aren't in the same room, or even the same state?!? Well, it's possible, and it never ceases to amaze me.

I don't blame anyone for the disbelief. I am can be highly skeptical with many things. Distance reiki included! But the proof is in the pudding. Reiki truly amazes me with every session. You'd think I'd get used to it, but I'm like a kid at Christmas every time. Reiki is an energy, and it has no boundaries or no limits.

I recently completed a distance session with my friend Julie. Julie is in Utah and I am in Kentucky. With her permission I am sharing her experience below, so you can see for yourself what it's like. Please understand, that everyone's experience is different. While Julie's experience is all her own, I can attest that it is not unusual. Other client's have shared similar experiences, while some feel something completely different. Regardless- it's always exactly what is needed.

Here is Julie's experience:

I had a distance reiki session with Jen Mantle this past March. I was facing some tough career decisions, and having a hard time choosing a path. One felt logical and easy, the other a lot more difficult but potentially rewarding. Jen offered to do an oracle card reading for me, which indicated some blockages in my heart chakra and sacral chakra. Although to be quite honest, I tend to be a very right brained person, and historically have not paid much attention to things like this. However, I was in the right mindset, because I was actively looking for guidance, and had an open mind to receive help.

When it was time for our session, I had been stressed at work, and had a migraine. However, I didn’t want to cancel it, and hoped that laying down for a little while would help. It seemed strange to “begin” while I laid on my office sofa alone. But I settled in a few minutes before we started. I was AMAZED to find that I could feel exactly when the session started! A strange feeling, of not only not being alone anymore, but also this warm, comforting presence washed over me. I’ve known Jen since our college days, but it was amazing to feel the warmth and kindness present in the energy, being 1,000 miles apart. I could literally feel an energy that spent time on what I think must have been different chakras. It didn’t start low and methodically move higher, it felt very specifically like it was targeting certain areas that needed it.

Another interesting piece to me was that my mind did not wander and daydream, like I expected it would. I had little flashes of memories that flooded in one after another, almost as if they were being released as they were touched. I was fascinated by this! Some were good, and some not, but I had this entireness of the full spectrum of thoughts and ideas flowing through me. The other piece that I couldn’t stop noticing is that when I close my eyes with a migraine, I always have yellow and purple flashes of light. This time, I also had waves of this pink/purple light behind my eyes, that seemed to push away the migraine. For some reason, I think you can occasionally associate colors with a person, and these colors remind me of Jen! Sure enough, the migraine disappeared in the session, which NEVER happens for me.

I wondered at one point, how will I know when the session is over? I hope I don’t just lay here all morning and miss a lot of work… At one point, my body suddenly didn’t feel warm anymore, it was like a cool stillness had washed through. Intrigued, I looked at my watch and it was the end of the hour on the dot! Also- spoiler alert- it was painfully obvious to me at the end of the session that I needed to pursue the career goal that I was both excited and terrified about! It wasn’t confusing at all anymore. Thanks Jen!! Really looking forward to doing another one soon!


So there you have it friends. Is every session like this? Not always, but they are always perfect for the person receiving Reiki. There are times I feel nothing but relaxed during a session, times where I feel energized and other times where I have amazing experiences. Reiki is a loving and intelligent energy. It's really all up to what is needed, and it's always perfect.

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