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  • Jen Mantle

Creating Presence in Everyday Moments

Recently, I had a beautiful conversation with a client about presence.

One of her visions for herself is to have more presence in her daily life.

To be living life in the here and now, fully occupying her body rather than lost in thoughts and thinking or mindless scrolling.

Such an amazing vision, right?

Presence is such a wonderful gift and quite honestly does not come naturally for most of us.

It takes practice and constant reminding.

Cues to bring ourselves back.

During our conversation I was reminded of all of the beautiful Waldorf Teachers I know (many of whom are reading this). The early childhood teachers in particular.

Everyday, they lead 20ish kids through an array of daily activities.

Seamlessly guiding a gaggle of three year olds from outdoor play, to storytime, to snack and so on.

The sticky part of the process is the transitions- moving from one activity to the next.

Can you imagine?

Just like herding cats 😂.

One of the secrets? Song.

Each transition comes with its own song. The teacher starts, then the children join in pittering right behind their beloved teacher.

While song won’t work for many (although how great would that be?), taking advantage of transitions as a tool for presence does.

Each time you go from one task to the next, why not bring presence to your day?

As you leave for work, take 1 deep belly breath.

As you walk outside, observe what you see, hear and smell in nature.

As you turn on your computer, notice your surroundings without attachment.

And maybe even create your own song if you’re really feeling adventurous.

Small anchors throughout your day that remind you to get out of your head.

Presence is where the whispers of your truth finally get to be heard.

It’s where joy percolates and you get to take a peek at your higher self.

Presence is a gift dear ones.

It’s where life happens.

So next time you go from one activity to the next, give it a go and see what works for you.

It might be the birthplace of your new favorite diddy after all :).

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