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Grounding When Your in the Spin Cycle

There are times in life that make you feel as though you are clinging to the wall of a washer in the middle of the spin cycle.

Strewn among a bunch of mismatched socks and unmentionables, all stirred up.

It’s only natural to resist.

To want normalcy, and to fight to maintain our typical rhythm in life.

So many people I know have chaos in their lives right now, myself included!

It’s just like the universe to keep things exciting, am I right?

So what do we do in the midst of chaos?

How can we create more rhythm, grounding and centering in our lives with all of this craziness?

Create space for yourself.

Taking time for yourself can be really hard when things get crazy.

With time at a minimum, it’s easy to put ourselves at the bottom of the list.

However when we do this, no one benefits.