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A Change in Perspective

I talk a lot about perspective.

Seeing things from a different point of view.

Most of us feel as though we are completely capable of this, however it gets tricky!

Here’s an example.

This past weekend, I left my son home alone for 2 hours. Something I wasn’t super excited about.

A few hours after coming home, I went to light my favorite candle only to discover wax had dripped down the outside of the container. After noticing this, I also discovered several other candles were misplaced and awry.

Well, this “evidence” was enough to make me go off the edge.

I immediately used what I had found to create a story of what had happened.

One that involved my 13 year old home alone playing with matches, lighters and candles.

My brain was exploding, and I was outraged!

I immediately confronted him with my fixed perspective and mountain of “evidence”.

My son- calm, cool and collected, explained what had actually happened.

A few hours after I had returned home, I was in the back yard with the dogs. My son went on the front porch, lit a few candles and read a book. A lovely, relaxing time that was just what he needed (doing his homework to boot).