Sunset over Poppy Field
Sunset over Poppy Field

The Bloom Collective is here!

What if we could trust that we will be taken care of?  Trust that by being creative and caring for ourselves in a new way, that we can open up to flow, receive more and get where we want faster?

The Bloom Collective is a space where together we will embrace more.  More creativity, more play, more nourishment in our body and our lives.  Together, we will hold each other in love, support and compassion. 

A true collective.

The Bloom Collective is a rich six week container of grounding and collaboration.  It’s a virtual course and a Sacred Community, but first and foremost it is a circle of beautiful humans connecting and encouraging one another to bloom in their own unique way.


Community on a soul level.

"Open the bloom of your heart and give the gift of beauty to the world."
Brian McGill



We are taught that self care and play should come last.  That if we are responsible adults, we need to prioritize work and others needs first, with play and soul care coming as a reward.  That there will be time for celebration after we accomplish x, y and finally z.  


But in living this way, we restrict flow.  We cut off the energy to life, to what’s meant for us, and to freedom.


What if we could unkink the hoses?  


Increasing soul nourishing activities in our daily lives allows for more flexibility and flow.  We’re able to offer more to those around us, because we are happier individuals filled with expansiveness and freedom.  By including creativity and play as our foundation, we actually make the world a better place.


The Bloom Collective is all about including more. 


Each week, we’ll delve into themes to support a fuller life.  We’ll discover new habits to nourish our soul and discuss strategies for ultimate success.  We’ll establish a daily practice that is all about filling our cup.


We’ll be there to support one another along the way. 

There's no need to go it alone. 

A beautiful community awaits.

Poppy Flower


Bloom will help you learn to put yourself at the top of your list.  Together, the collaborative will cultivate a daily devotional practice personalized to each individual. Weekly themes are designed to build upon the last, learning joy and ease as time goes on.


Perspective is everything, and with Bloom we broaden our horizons and loosen our grip.


Week One: Foundations

We’ll discuss our process, get resourced and discuss strategies for success.


Week Two: Body

We learn to check in with our body and discover ways to connect and support ourselves on a whole new level.

Week Three: Nourishment

How do we want to be nourished?  What truly nourishes our soul, our body and our lives? We learn to think differently about nourishment and what feeds us on an energetic level.

Week Four: Integration/ Nature Immersion

This week is all about integration.  You’ll plan a nature excursion for yourself where you’ll allow for your own personal nature attunement.

Week Five: Creativity

There is nothing more expansive than creativity.  We’ll learn to see ourselves in a new light, and to find creativity in daily activities.  

Week Six: Play

Play creates freedom, happiness and joy.  Who doesn’t want more of that?

We’ll learn to incorporate play as a way of life, and not only when we’ve earned it. 

Our Space

The Bloom Collective has it's own private network via Mighty Networks and will meet virtually via zoom for our coaching calls.


Each week we’ll ground and check in with each other, discuss what’s to come, and get informed on what to expect from the cosmos. Astrology plays such a huge part in our lives without us even knowing it, and these sessions will help navigate our world in order to include more.


Why Zoom?

I know, folks are tired of Zoom.  I get it!  Zoom allows us to connect with people and cultivate relationships all over the world.  Community is where you put your heart, and Zoom opens us up to possibility for this community.

*Photo by Larisa Birta on Unsplash

The added support of Reiki

Reiki is the energy of pure love.  The healing and growth that occurs with it's support it truly amazing.  This course was designed to include biweekly reiki sessions for true soul level calibration.  Reiki is a catalyst for real transformation.  There will be limited spots for reiki healing sessions throughout the program.


March 31st 12-1:30 pm EST

April 7th 12-1pm EST

April 14th 12pm-1 EST

April 21st 12-1pm EST

April 28th 12-1pm EST

May 5th 12-1pm EST

May 12th 12-1pm EST Final call and celebration

  • Some calls may last longer than the allotted time.

  • Calls will be recorded and a replay will be available.  We encourage you to come if you are able, as the beauty of these calls is amplified by your presence. BUT do what you can!  We understand life and don't want you to pass up an opportunity because of schedules.  We would love to have you in any capacity. 

Meet Your Guides

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Jen Mantle

Jen is a huge advocate of levity, fun and laughter, but had to learn how to truly incorporate play into the everyday.  She is the the heart of Back to Nature coaching, an Intuitive Life Coach and a Reiki Master. 

She was always taught that play comes last, but has spent a lifetime overcoming this notion.

When she's not being creative, she loves spending time with her husband, son and dog on the trails of Northern Kentucky. 

Connect with her at

or on Instagram 



Stephanie Wilson

Stephanie is an Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner and the amazing Astrologer behind Stephanie Marie Astrology and Coaching.  She not only makes astrology easy to understand, but also is able to articulate things you've known your whole life, but never been able to put into words.  She lives in Sacramento, California with her two puppies, and spends time in some of the most beautiful landscapes of the world.

Connect with her at:

The Bloom Collective

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  • 7 Live astrology forecasts

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"One day you will look back and see that all along, you were blooming."

Morgan Harper Nichols

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The Bloom Collective

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  • Access to The Bloom Collective Course

  • 7 live coaching calls

  • Membership to the private online community

  • Weekday inspiration to keep you going

  • Course workbook

  • 7 Live astrology forecasts

  • Create your toolkit e book



Three Reiki Healing Sessions with

Jen Mantle

(To be booked throughout the program)

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This course is in progress.

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