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  • Jen Mantle

How about something different?

I recently had a challenging day.

As a result, my inner critic was on fire!

Questioning, criticizing, and holding myself hostage.

Can you relate?

Our inner critics are tough customers.

If we are lucky enough to catch them

in action (a sometimes impossible task in itself), it can be super challenging to disarm them.

It’s like being in a rut you can’t get out of.

And it feels like shit!

When we’re in the thick of an inner critic moment, how about trying a different approach?

What if we instead approved of ourselves?

What if we even gave our inner critic’s approval? Gasp!

In the midst of our mess ups, what if we could trust that things unfolded so that all involved got exactly what they needed.

Even if what they needed was seeing you as the flawed, imperfect human that you are.

This turns everything upside down in the most pleasant way.

Even with all the tools I’ve learned and all of the tools I teach others, catching my inner critic on the job is incredibly hard to do.

Disarming her is even harder.


Lets give her credit for what she’s good at.

She’s good at getting shit done.

It’s true.

That girl can check things off the list like a boss.

And she’s also great at putting our best foot forward.

Great work inner critic.

I’m proud of you for conquering so many tasks, for helping us to be productive and for representing my go getter.

And yeah- I am far from perfect.

Thank goodness for that.

Being perfect is way too much work.


Giving each other permission to be human, And approving of ourselves along the way.

This feels so right.

This feels like freedom.

And way better than that old rut.


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