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Do you know how to play?

How often do you allow yourself to play?

To really let go and immerse in joy?

We are taught we have to earn play.

To save it for later on, or worse yet later in life.

We use it as a reward.

That if we are responsible adults, we first need to do the "thing", and then we can have fun.

After of course.

As a parent, I know I'm certainly guilty of making play last, and I hate to admit it, but I'm not sure I'm great at teaching the contrary.

Kids know how to play. We ought to take a lesson from them.

Play, real play creates joy.

Joy creates happier, healthier humans.

Happier healthier humans create ripples.

Ripples create a better world.

Why on earth do we save play for last?

By opening up and allowing ourselves to play, we still get the "thing" done, and more often than not we get it done faster, better and definitely with more joy.

We open to flow, and things that are so much bigger than ourselves.

You can trust yourself.

You're not procrastinating by having fun beforehand or heaven forbid having fun while doing it.

You can trust yourself, AND be happier doing it.

Scheduling 15 minutes of play before work or even during the workday can be so beneficial.

But... If you must, here are some simple ways to add play and fun to your day WHILE doing the thing.

Listen to music!

Just today I made a James Brown inspired playlist to listen to while I work.


Take a break for a dance party.

Bring your dog to work. Uh. Yeah. No explanation needed.

Laugh! Do what it takes.

You know the drill. Call a friend, watch comedy, fake it.

I know, faking it can be so odd, but fake it long enough and you can't help but actually laugh at your own ridiculousness.

So, do you allow play?

How can you include more play in your life?

Cuz, you know.....


Have a beautiful one friends.



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