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Come Home to Your True Nature

I believe that we are all meant for something.

That we agreed to learn certain lessons, to live our lives with certain people, to do certain work, and to walk a certain path. 

I believe before we can do these things, we need to get back in touch with our true selves. 

Our soul level selves.

This is my work. 

To help you get reacquainted with your soul and live your soul aligned life.

Aligning with our soul is where the good stuff is.  It’s where the vision for our best, happiest, most meaningful life is rooted.  It’s where you are meant to create the biggest ripples and change the world.

My holistic approach to coaching is about inspiring real transformation and empowerment in all areas of life. 

I guide you through an enriching personal growth process, clear the baggage so you can find true freedom, help create greater balance in your life, and show you how to bring your vision into reality.


I emphasis mindfulness, self-care, and perspective and as a result you thrive.

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Connection to Nature

There is  so much that we can learn from nature.  Cycles, seasons, even the way that the water is held within a river bank.  These things teach us about life. 

But we can learn the most by the person we become when we are in nature.  We become at ease.  We drop our shoulders and relax.  We get present. We become clear.  We glow.  This is who we truly are at our center.  Who we are meant to be.  Nature lights this up in all of us.  The phrase come home to your true nature refers to this connection.  Letting go of all that no longer serves us and connecting with who we are meant to be. 

This is Back to Nature Coaching.

Work With Me
White Flowers

The Bloom Collective

It's Time to Prioritize Yourself

We are taught that self care, time for ourselves and play should come last.  That if we are responsible adults, we need to prioritize work and others needs first, with play and soul care coming as a reward.  

Bloom will help you learn to put yourself at the top of your list, and be reassured that things won't fall apart by doing so.


 Weekly themes are designed to build upon the last, learning joy and ease as time goes on.


Happy Hiking

Life Coaching Sessions

Embrace Life's Challenges

This is where you dream big(ger), find your vision and figure out exactly how you want to feel. Together we collaborate to strengthen your instincts, clearly see your obstacles and begin a new way of living. 

We embrace curiosity and learn to use it as a tool.  We can work together with an individual session or a multiple session package (where the real work is done). 

What are you waiting for?

Sunset over Poppy Field


Connection and Community

These circles are in person as well as online.

In these powerful containers of healing and love, we  get in touch with our inner light, shake up what is no longer serving us and then root into a deeper intention of how we want to show up in the world.

Together we remember our uniqueness and notice what's keeping us from our truest version. We breathe, meditate, release and ritualize our unfolding.

View of Meditation Garden

What people are saying

Image by Rikonavt

"Life changing. 

Coaching with Jen helped by asking questions and inquiring about thoughts, actions, and then challenging those thoughts and actions."



Jen A.

About Me

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I am a nature geek, a dog freak, Mama, wife, sister and daughter.

I share my life with my husband (Luke), my son (Liam) and two big brown dogs.

I get giddy every time I realize the synchronicities and magic of the universe and love being reminded to trust and dream. 

I have always been at home in nature, finding it incredibly easy to get grounded and find peace.  Gardening was a natural fit.  I spent most of my career as a landscape designer, using plants as my palate to create soothing environments.  After my son was born, life took on a new meaning.  I felt the need to find my service and live it.  I began teaching kids gardening and the reward that followed as a result was unparalleled.  When I could no longer ignore the whispers, I realized that my true purpose in life is to empower others to create beauty by living their soul aligned life.  While I will always be a gardener, I now aim to help others find grounding and their true essence as a Reiki Master and Dragontree Illuminator.

When I’m not dreaming of the future or being creative, you can find me outside, hiking with my dogs, mountain biking with my family and trying to spot the closest raptor.  I love playing with horses, laughing as much as possible and looking for the nearest water to soothe my Cancer heart.  Time with extended family and friends feeds my soul, although I sometimes need to remind my inner introvert of this fact :).

I believe that our lives and our world change by embracing small movements toward living a soul aligned life.

I can’t wait to connect and see what the future holds!

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Proud Dragontree Illuminator

What is a Dragontree Illuminator?  This means that I have completed all of the necessary course work to be a certified Dragontree Life Coach, and also spent time in person with my favorite teachers learning amazing techniques and practicing skills.  This is where we truly learn to find the light in all humans and shine our own light as brightly as possible.

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