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  • Jen Mantle

Tuning in on a deeper level...

How’s your relationship with your body?

Is your body just along for the ride?

Do you hold any resentment toward it?

Do you truly listen to it?

Ask what it wants?

What it needs?

So many times when we say the word body, the first things that come up are negative.

It doesn’t look the way we want, doesn’t function or feel the way we think it should.

Our bodies are such a huge wealth of information. All we need to do is ask, and then truly listen and learn to check in on a deeper level.

And also- get to know what it is it’s trying to say.

These feet of mine.

They’ve spent a lifetime at the end of a shovel, or in snowboarding boots cranked way to tight, or walking miles in not the best shoes over not the best terrain.

They tell me when I’m not necessarily taking care of myself.

This knowledge didn’t happen easily.

It took time and a lot of compassion to figure out what each ache or nudge meant.

Some of the aches are totally normal- like the way the broken bone tells me when there’s weather coming. Others, not so much. If I’m not eating well, or oddly enough not moving enough, my feet tell me loud and clear.

A deeper level of information and healing isn’t always easy to access.

It can take a lot of listening, compassion, patience, trial and error to figure it out.

But in time, what it reveals is amazing.

Most of us could to learn to listen on a different level.

To let go of resentments over appearance, function or feeling and to listen deeply so it can heal and ultimately reveal.

Then, it is able to tell us a wealth of information.

Wether a decision is a good one, wether a person or situation is a good fit, or even when it’s truly time to rest.

Our intuition amplifies when we really tune in.

So, how do you feel about your body?

What is it trying to tell you?

Have you connected with it lately?

It’s time.


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