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  • Jen Mantle

Let's do the Work

These times are rough.

I feel like I’ve written these same words over and over again in the last few years.

And these words have been true every single time.

So what can we do?

Where do we start?

How can we make change when the changes that need to happen feel so damn huge.

It starts with us.

It starts with you.

We need to do the work.

So what do I mean by doing the work?

I mean our own inner work.

It’s hard, and not for the faint of heart.

But when we reflect regularly, when we realize we can only control our own reactions and actions, things shift for ourselves and then for everyone around us.

We make noticeable ripples, and those ripples empower others.

We change the world for real.

How do you begin?

The four pillars of Back to Nature Coaching

are love, healing, compassion and grounding.

This is the container I create for each person I work with.

This is what that looks like….

How can you bring love to the current situation at hand?

Be that a conversation or packing your kids lunch.

How can you bring healing to yourself and others around you? Forgiveness? Letting go?

How can you bring compassion to every situation (and yourself in every situation) and allow it to grow?

And lastly, how can you bring grounding and presence to your daily life? Breathing? Meditating? Getting outside?

These are all places to start.

And they make some amazingly powerful shifts.

So, it’s time to do the work.

And I am here to walk beside you throughout your process.

Let’s change the world friends.

It starts with you.

By the way, these group of trees has been church for decades. Such good medicine.

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