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  • Jen Mantle

Let's Bloom

Every spring, these beauties surprise me.

Bare woody stems, and then poof, an explosion of blossoms.

It makes me giddy and full of joy.

Every year, I try to get up close and take the perfect picture of an individual flower, and you know what? They suck.


Why? Is it my lack of photography skills? Maybe.

But really, the flowers are imperfect, lack structure and kind of floppy. Funny, right?

But back up, change your perspective, and get the whole tree in frame?


I'm sure that your feed, like mine, is filled with spring analogies.

Posts about emerging and nurturing new beginnings.

Because, yes these things are very much present for all of us.

For me though, the focus has been about the process happening right under the surface. So much is happening, unseen and seemingly against all odds.

You can't rush it. If you do it only makes things painful and frustrating.

The process of blooming in intense, intricate, and full of unknowns.

You can only nurture and allow.

Trust that it's coming.

And when it does come, it's not going to look like the perfect individual flower.

Instead, it's going to be imperfect, yet beautiful in its own way.

So how can you enjoy the process?

How can you make life beautiful while you “wait”?

How can you nurture yourself to make your unfolding all the more special?

Because life is actually happening. Even while you wait for “the thing”.

Together, we can explore new ways to devote and nurture ourselves.

And to make the process a lot more enjoyable.

We're better together, friends.

Let’s bloom.

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