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  • Jen Mantle

Grounding through nature

The energy of the forest.

This picture was taken just 20 feet from a busy road.

Yet- it felt worlds apart.

An open, sunny forest. Birds fluttering,

big trees, room to breathe.

The noise of a busy street just out of frame.

But, more than that- it was clear, calm and supportive.

Ready to hold whatever problem it's inhabitants might be carrying.

I talk a lot about getting outside.

To ground, to root and to let go.

I am one with a busy mind.

Yes, my squirrels are full of action.

I have learned over time that I need a lot to get out of my head.

A literal change in perspective, or activities where I have no choice but to concentrate on the task at hand.

To get out of the way so my heart can take the reins.

Because that's where the good stuff happens.

When we calm our mind and center in our heart, we can trust what we're shown.

We know what's right because we can feel it in our bones.

We can hear the whispers more clearly.

We are energetic beings.

So getting outside helps to wipe the slate clean if you will.

It's like the giant magnet that is the earth works more strongly outside.

Or, just take it as a bigger change in perspective if that's easier for you.

Next time you get outside, look from a different point of view.

Close your eyes and listen.

Feel into your body.

Concentrate on your beating heart, then expand to your heart center.

Take some deep breaths.

Then open your eyes and look around.

What's different?

What do you notice?

How's your perspective of the problem at hand?

Can you let go a little more?

The forest is ready to take that for you.

No need to hold on.

Visualize it happening.

Watch your ‘stuff’ being taken by the forest for compost. So you can let go and center more fully in your body and in your heart.

I promise, you'll feel better when you do.

And clarity will follow.



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